The three v's


How do the 3 v's relate

The profiles, pain points, and the three V’s (Vibe, Visibility, Value) are interconnected in addressing the challenges faced by the arts community.

Each profile represents a stakeholder in the arts sector, with unique needs and contributions. The pain points highlight specific challenges these stakeholders face, such as access to resources, audience engagement, and funding.

The three V’s offer a lens to understand and tackle these issues and provide quantifiable to ensure the solutions address the pain points.

Our Three v's


Vibe Relates: to changing perceptions about the arts, making it more inclusive and recognized as a professional field. This is essential for all profiles to combat stereotypes and elevate the arts’ status.


Visibility is about increasing awareness and appreciation of the arts in society and the economy. Improving visibility can help address pain points like audience building and marketing, benefiting all profiles.


Value focuses on acknowledging the arts’ contributions to mental well-being, cultural identity, and community. Recognizing this value can influence policy and funding, addressing the pain points of resource allocation and engagement.

Footprint scoring

The Footprint Scoring approach involves leveraging workshops to uncover a variety of solutions and ideas. These ideas are then evaluated based on their impact on stakeholders and pain points, aligning with the Three V’s framework.

This method ensures that the solutions are not only innovative but also directly address the key areas of Vibe, Visibility, and Value in the arts sector.


Three V’s Evaluation: Assess each proposed idea against the criteria of Vibe, Visibility, and Value, ensuring they align with these key areas and address the specific needs of stakeholders and pain points.


Scoring and Prioritization: Develop and apply a scoring system based on the Three V’s evaluation to rate the ideas. Prioritize them according to their potential impact and feasibility.


Reporting and Action Plan Development: Compile the top-rated ideas into a report. From this, develop actionable plans or project proposals for the most promising solutions.