Workshop 20240118 Engagement and Audience Building

Key Take Aways from the workshop

Based on the detailed insights from the Umbrella Project’s focus on Engagement and Audience Building, here’s how the workshop content can be applied to each stakeholder, in alignment with the Umbrella focus and the Three Vs:

Local Artists 

To increase their visibility artists can utilize digital platforms and collaboration. Artist residency programs, foster a vibe that resonates with the community. Engaging in school exhibitions can help build their audience, particularly among the younger demographic, ensuring their value is appreciated and sustained.

Art Collectives and Groups

By identifying artists within collectives, connecting groups, facilitating promotional activities, and creating cross-sector promotion groups can enhance their engagement with the local community, boosting their visibility.

Art Galleries and Exhibition Spaces

Galleries can leverage digital boards for dynamic displays that attract visitors, contributing to the venue’s vibe. Hosting artist residencies can draw crowds, enhance engagement, and build a consistent audience base that values cultural experiences.

Cultural Institutions

These institutions can expand their audience by engaging with local schools for exhibitions, enriching the educational value of the arts. Enhancing online and physical promotion will build a stronger visibility and connection with the wider community.

Art Patrons and Collectors

Patrons and collectors play a crucial role in building the perception of arts as a valuable asset. They can support residency programs and school exhibitions, boosting the vibe around art investment and its role in cultural growth.

Art Educators and Students

Engagement initiatives can directly involve educators and students, encouraging them to participate in residencies and exhibitions that showcase their work, fostering a stronger connection between education and the arts sector. This in turn will also trrigger art interest and appreciation at an early age.

Local Businesses

Businesses can find value in sponsoring arts initiatives, as this enhances their corporate image and contributes to community engagement. Supporting digital boards and artist residencies can link their brand to cultural enrichment.

Tourists and Visitors

A focus on promoting local arts through digital boards and accessible information can enhance the experience of tourists, creating a vibrant impression of the local arts scene and its value.

Local Government and Councils

Government bodies can facilitate audience building by supporting the infrastructure for digital boards and promoting artist residencies, reinforcing their role in nurturing the local cultural vibe and visibility.

Media and Content Creators

Media stakeholders can amplify engagement efforts by covering residency programs and school exhibitions, increasing visibility for the arts, and highlighting the sector’s value in community narratives.

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