Purpose of the (artist) survey

What the
Survey Is.

Fellow artists, the Umbrella Project has designed a survey that’s all about understanding us — our journey, our struggles, and our needs. It’s a tool created by an artist, for artists, to capture the real picture of our community.

  • The survey is seeking input from individuals involved in the art industry in Moreton Bay, including galleries, artist collectives, art supply businesses, professional development organizations, and digital platform providers.

  • The purpose of the survey is to gather insights and feedback to create tailored support structures and projects that address the specific needs of the local art community, fostering meaningful change and growth.

  • Participants in the survey have the opportunity to contribute to a stronger and more vibrant artistic community in Moreton Bay by shaping the support, opportunities, and resources available to artists, ultimately benefiting themselves and their peers.

Are YOU ?

Involved with the art industry in Moreton Bay?

  • galleries and exhibition spaces
  • artist collectives
  • art supply businesses
  • professional development and
  • networking organizations and digital platform providers for online art sales and promotion.

Why the
Survey ?

This isn’t just another formality. It’s a step towards creating meaningful change and support structures tailored to what we truly need. Your insights are crucial in shaping projects and resources that resonate with us on a personal and professional level.

How It
Benefits you.

By participating, you’re not just voicing your own needs — you’re contributing to a larger movement to uplift all artists. Your input will directly influence the support, opportunities, and resources available, making our artistic community stronger and more vibrant. Let’s help ourselves by helping each other.

Share your voice, shape your future!

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