Marketing and Promotion


The “Marketing and Promotion” aspect of the Umbrella Project is about using strategic and creative marketing efforts to spotlight and enhance the cultural vibrancy of the City of Moreton Bay, ensuring that the arts are not only seen and appreciated locally but also recognized and esteemed on a wider scale.

Cultural Benefits

Effective marketing amplifies the reach of the arts, inviting broader participation and recognition. It elevates the region’s cultural profile, attracting national and international attention, and positions Moreton Bay City as a cultural destination.

Stakeholder Benefits

Artists and collectives gain broader exposure; galleries and institutions increase their influence; businesses leverage cultural branding; tourists enjoy a curated cultural journey; media benefits from the heightened interest in local culture.

Effective marketing can significantly increase visibility and sales.

A successful marketing campaign that leads to a 10% increase in art sales or attendance could equate to an increase in revenue by several thousand dollars for individual artists or small galleries, and much more for larger institutions.

Grant Application Argument

“Robust marketing and promotion are not just about filling seats or selling artworks; they’re about igniting a cultural conversation that resonates across communities and borders, spotlighting Moreton Bay City as a hub of artistic excellence and innovation.”

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