Engagement and Audience Building


“Engagement and audience building” are about creating meaningful connections between the arts and the community, ensuring a vibrant, sustainable, and culturally rich City of Moreton Bay.

Cultural Benefits

Strengthening engagement nurtures a community’s cultural vitality. It encourages lifelong support for the arts, cultivates future patrons, and builds a sustainable audience base that appreciates and invests in local culture.

Stakeholder Benefits

  • Artists and collectives secure a loyal following;
  • Galleries and cultural institutions see increased patronage;
  • Businesses engage customers on a deeper level;
  • Tourists receive a more immersive experience;
  • Media captures higher audience interest.


Improving engagement could result in higher ticket sales, increased artwork sales, and more substantial community support.

If engagement efforts lead to a 5-10% increase in audience size, this could mean an additional tens of thousands of dollars for larger events or institutions.

Grant Application Argument

Investing in audience engagement is investing in the heart of Moreton Bay City’s culture. It’s about creating a legacy of cultural appreciation that transcends generations, ensuring that the arts remain a vibrant and integral part of our community’s DNA.

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