The Survey - Creative Pulse: Exploring Art's Impact in Our Lives.

As an artist, I'm eager to understand how art touches each person uniquely. Whether you're an art enthusiast or new to the scene, your perspectives will help shape a more inclusive, vibrant arts community. This survey is your platform to share, inspire, and contribute to the evolving tapestry of creativity around us. Let's dive into this adventure together and see where our collective insights can lead!

The Umbrella Project proudly supported by City of Moreton Bay.

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Engagement with the Arts

Tell us more about your attendance and participation in creative activities.
How often on average do you attend or participate in creative activities? E.g visit galleries, festivals, paint ‘n sip, art trails etc(Required)

Perceptions and Value

What is your opinion on the importance of art, its pricing, and its role in your life.
Do you consider the arts an important part of life?(Required)

Do you think art is too expensive?(Required)

Purchasing Behaviour

If you buy art what type of art buying habit do you fit under.
How often do you purchase art?(Required)

Creativity's Broader Impact

What is your view on creativity's (art) influence in business and mental health.
Do you believe creativity can be beneficial to any business?(Required)

Do you believe creativity can have a positive impact on mental health?(Required)

Personal Involvement

Do you have any preferences and suggestions for making art more accessible and interesting.
Even if you don't typically engage with art, would you attend an event if it:(Required)

Let us know who you are!

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