Access to Information and Resources


“Access to information and resources” is about removing barriers and creating opportunities for all stakeholders in the cultural sector, residents and tourism to participate, innovate, and benefit from the arts and cultural activities within the City of Moreton Bay.

Cultural Benefits

By improving access to information and resources, we foster a more inclusive and dynamic cultural landscape. This leads to a richer variety of artistic expressions and cultural events that reflect the diversity and creativity of the City of Moreton Bay. Enhanced access empowers underrepresented artists and communities, ensuring a more equitable cultural representation.

Stakeholder Benefits

Artists gain visibility; collectives streamline event organization; galleries attract more visitors; educational institutions connect theory with local practice; businesses find unique branding opportunities; tourists experience the region’s full cultural depth; government showcases policy success; media enjoys a wealth of content.

For example, a 10% increase in event attendance or art sales due to better information access could translate to thousands of dollars annually, depending on the size and number of events.

Grant Application Argument

Enhancing access to information democratizes cultural participation, allowing a flourishing of diverse artistic voices.

It promises to transform the City of Moreton Bay into a beacon of cultural innovation, where every artist’s story is heard, and every visitor leaves enriched by the unique tapestry of our local heritage.

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