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The Umbrella initiative presents a comprehensive and ambitious approach to developing the local arts scene, showcasing a community-oriented, collaborative effort to promote and support the arts and artists in the region.

Our Goal

The goal of the Moreton Bay Arts Council project is to enhance the economic sustainability of the arts sector, ensuring it can independently thrive and offer economic benefits to its stakeholders. This encompasses improving resource accessibility, fostering community engagement, creating robust networks and collaborations, and developing effective marketing strategies. 

By addressing these areas, the project aims to establish a self-sustaining arts ecosystem that not only supports the creative community but also contributes significantly to the local economy, benefiting artists, collectives, businesses, and the wider community.

We are a sub group of Moreton Bay Arts Council developing projects to help the Art Sector thrive

The project aims to unite all art groups, galleries, studios, and creative businesses under the banner ‘Bigger, Bolder, Brighter’ to create a robust network.

This initiative seeks to connect and promote local artists, businesses, and cultural organizations, offering them resources to showcase work, collaborate, and innovate.

The end goal is to establish the Moreton Bay City region as a destination for the arts in South East Queensland.

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Our Three v's


“The arts industry struggles with stereotypes”

Vibe Problem Statement: Often considered elitist and unrelatable or being either a hobby for retirees and children or a pursuit for those detached from practical careers, leading to a lack of recognition as a legitimate profession and undermining the notion of a professional artist in diverse fields.


“Arts sector’s low visibility undervalues its societal, economic impact.”

Visibility Problem Statement: Despite a vibrant creative community, the arts sector suffers from low visibility, with its economic contributions and professional status often unrecognized or undervalued, calling for a strategic approach to increase its presence and recognition in broader societal and economic domains.


“The Arts’ value in society is underplayed, needs reevaluation.”

Value Problem Statement: The intrinsic and societal value of the arts is frequently underestimated, especially in policy and economic considerations, necessitating a reevaluation and advocacy for its integral role in mental well-being, cultural identity, and community enrichment.

This project portal assists with addressing various challenges the local arts community faces, such as finding reliable information, audience building, funding allocation, effective marketing, and networking.

It features profiles of several individuals involved in the arts, detailing their experiences and contributions, such as Danielle Latta from Running Duck Studio, Karen Harris in arts administration, and Julie Purcell, a professional artist.

These profiles underscore the depth and diversity of talent engaged in enhancing the arts in the Moreton Bay region.

meet our team

Danielle B Latta

Umbrella Initiative Developer and Facilitator

Artist, Photographer, and designer of Running Duck Studio and HELP4BIS. Creator of Tawny Trails, Dayboro Open Nights, and Dust and Good Bones. Over 30 years of experience in the arts industry in Sydney, Brisbane, and Moreton Bay regions.  

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Janice Charlish

President of Moerton Bay Arts Council

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Karen Harris

Secretary of Moreton Bay Arts Council

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Founder & CEO

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Financial Analysis Consultant

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Senior Project Manager

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