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The Privacy Policy listed here outlines the Moreton Bay Arts Council’s continued commitment to protecting the privacy of its users, along with any personal information that is collected either as a result of user interaction with the Moreton Bay Arts Council site (or, The Site) or as a result of third party interaction.

Please read carefully the Privacy Policy (this document) along with The Site ‘s Terms of Use (this document) as continued interaction with the Moreton Bay Arts Council website( demonstrates your tacit acceptance of all requirements set out in both documents. If you object to any terms, or wish to contact the administrator for further information please do so here

Further, refusal to provide personal information may affect your use of The Site and could disallow you from any products or services advertised or promoted through the Moreton Bay Arts Council.

The Moreton Bay Arts Council emphasises that it does not collect any more data, or any different data, than that which average users would already be familiar. For example, the ABC ( collects much more data than that which the Moreton Bay Arts Council accesses and/or stores.

Further, the Moreton Bay Arts Council, along with all third party suppliers, does not sell, collate, or use client data in any way that is not promoted. Any change to this policy will be suitably advertised.

  1. With permission The Site collects personal information: All personal information collated is provided by you through online forms, emails and or applications. In order to avoid this collection please request manual forms. The Moreton Bay Arts Council has not, and will not ever have access to your financial information. All payments are processed through PayPal Express.
  2. Collection and use of personal information: When the Moreton Bay Arts Council collects your information for use it does so primarily for marketing and promotional purposes.
  3. Disclosure of personal information: The Moreton Bay Arts Council may disclose personal information for purposes including to provide our products and services to you, and as required by law. Where we disclose your personal information to third parties, we ensure similar privacy policies are followed.
  4. Access to and correction of personal information: Following circumstances set out in the Privacy Act of 1988 you may request details of personal information that the Moreton Bay Arts Council may hold about you.  An administrative fee may be payable for the provision of information.  We may refuse to provide you with information that we hold about you, in certain circumstances set out in the Privacy Act. Correction: If you believe that any information we hold on you is inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading, please contact us by email (here: We rely in part upon customers advising us when their personal information changes.  We will respond to any request within a reasonable time.  We will endeavour to promptly correct any information found to be inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.
  5. Complaints about breach: If you believe that the Moreton Bay Arts Council or third parties associated with The Site have breached the Australian Privacy Principles and wish to make a complaint about that breach, please contact either

the or go straight to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

  1. Unsubscribe: To unsubscribe from the Moreton Bay Arts Council mail databases, or opt out of communications, please open correspondence with
  2. Storage and Security: We are committed to ensuring that the information you provide is securely stored. For further information on information security please contact

For any further communications please contact the administrator in charge at: Moreton Bay Arts Council Inc.

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