Events By Member

Events by Members

As part of your membership profile, we list YOUR organised events.


Member Profile

Unique member showcase/profile you can add images, videos and descriptions to let visitors know who you are.


Member specific events

You can add your own events to the site, these will be published after an administrator validation. The events will show up in our events calendar as well as part of your showcase.


Location and driving directions

Visitors can find you on the map, your profile provides driving directions for your visitors and where you are.


Membership Dashboard

Specific dashboard for members where you can manage your account, your public profile and events. You can change your membership plan.

Pro Rata Payment

Membership Pro-Rata

Memberships are calculated on a pro-rata yearly basis. This means we calculated your membership fee based on the time you joined. If you join halfway through the year, then you get charged for half a year membership, e.g $10, next year you get charged the full membership amound eg $20.