Ruby Purple Creations

Mixed Media, Painting, Jewellery
Ruby Purple
Bracken Ridge , Brisbane, Queensland 4017, Australia
Something about me.

Ruby Purple ® is a mixed media artist and children’s book author who will paint on just about anything, from murals painted in the hostile climate of the Australian outback to small scale artworks for art hub display.

She includes in her creations handmade native Australian grass papers, Woolly Butt is her favourite, which she uses in all mixed media art and to create one-of-a-kind paper earrings.

Her work reflects connections to journeys through layering of these handmade papers, natural fibres, and recycled and discarded materials, which give a more sustainable approach and supports her concern for our natural world.

Recently reaching a milestone moment, Children’s book author of Rue the Curious Emu! This little gem is based on her concern for the natural world, interest in how we connect with our immediate landscapes, and to send a subtle message about the importance of conserving our native wildlife and habitats while teaching young readers about self-confidence and the importance of trusting in themselves.

She extends her creativity by offering wearable art, earrings and paper products.

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