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Bobbie Jones
Dayboro Butter Factory, Shop 6, 38 Williams Street , Dayboro, Queensland 4521, Australia
Something about me.

Bobbie Jones

Fine Art Photographer

The year I was turning 50 started out great.  We had purchased a house on some land and renovated it to have our own little paradise.  We had moved in early September, and in October, tragedy struck our family.  My Stepdaughter Maddy, who was 18, caught the flu, which then developed into Sepsis. On the 12th of October 2017, Maddy passed away.

My own experience in the tragedy was hard.   I felt very alone in my grief.

At this point, I decided to try some activities that would give my mind something else to focus on, so I decided that hiking and photography would be the things to do.

I had this little digital camera with letters on the dial, and I didn’t know what they stood for.  So that was my goal, to hike and understand my camera.

Well, the hiking lasted a couple of weeks, so the next thing was my camera.  I had a good friend who is a photographer spend an hour with me to explain how a camera works.

This was it!  My passion, purpose, and meaning!

I was capturing nature in an artistic way that made me feel connected, and I could see beauty in something that, at any other time, you would just walk past and not give it a second thought.  I felt like this was the connecting thread that was keeping me going here on this earth.

Now, the journey continues

 Nearly every day, I have a camera in my hand, either in my own backyard or traveling and visiting other places within Australia.

Many people have said how they love my photographs and asked if I sell them so, due to popular demand, I now have a website with my photography for sale.

I can’t help but feel beyond grateful that I have photography in my life, and now I can share it with everyone.

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